Black Stump History

The idea and design of the “Black Stump” Instant tent started in the year 2000.

It took three years to get three acceptable proto-types made and then another two years to do the marketing to assess the viability and many thousands of air miles to find a competent manufacturer.

A factory in Vietnam was eventually discovered and with their help we perfected the mechanism, produced the injection mouldings and by November 2005 I had three models ready to manufacture and introduce to the market. I drove 16000 kilometres Perth to Townsville and back stopping at Camping supply stores in all the major towns and cities.

I then flew around the world to find overseas customers.

The “Black Stump” Instant tents have now been available for 7 years and my sales in Australia average between 6-7 thousand tents a year whilst I have a distributor for Europe based in Germany and for South East Asia based in Thailand.

There have been additions to the range, many improvements and design innovations since the concept began the last being the Instant Family / Car Tent. There is a tent for every purpose; Quick set up fully waterproof tents for people on the move, compact size mosquito dome or fully waterproof compact tents designed for the motor bike enthusiast, mosquito domes for the camper who like to sleep protected under the stars but also converts into a fully waterproof tent, the lightweight Screen / Picnic Dome and Beach Shelter, and small range of accessories.

Thank you for your interest and happy camping.

Richard Brooks